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Debunking Christianity

July 6, 2007

I don’t believe Jesus arose from the dead. I don’t believe the historical evidence is enough for a fair minded person to believe this either. I don’t think Christians believe in Jesus’ resurrection because of the evidence anyway. They believe it because someone they trusted told them Jesus arose.

You can read the full post at Debunking Christianity’s link to the right. I have thought about adding them as a link for a few months. I have decided to add this particular anti-Christian blog for a few reasons:

Most of those that post are former Pastor’s and Seminary Students

While it is still jilted and jaded, there is a conscience attempt at being “fair” (Yes I am Van Tillian, so, “fair” to me is more about personal perception)

For the most part, they are polite. Yes they are on an agenda (which some of the posters admit), but being from within the faith they seem less hostile. They recognize the love for family members that are Christian’s as well. They appear to me to be more academically hostile than personally hostile (something that Christians are so poor at these days)

They do recognize the wacky far fetched “Christians” from Christianity itself, and do not seem to lump all self professing Christians together (at least for the more intelligent posters).

They can be articulate.

There are also weaknesses to this blog:

They seem to totally misunderstand some foundational and basic doctrines, even with their “Christian” education’s.

They seem over play the doctrine of God’s love at the expense of His holiness and justice.

They appear to place all the “responsiblility” and “accountability” of sin on an absent God (yes I am a Calvinist) and not on mankind. Some posters appear to totally misrepresent Calvinism and human responsibility.

They equate allowance of sin (death, rape, murder, etc..) as an indication of God’s absence, non transcendence, or as proof He does not exist.

Personally, I think exposure to true atheism, agnosticism, and in this case out right apostasy is healthy. It does make us tackle important issues. Among them, the existence of evil. Real evil. Horrible evil. The evil we are all afraid that may happen to our spouses, children, parents, etc.

I think it will either strengthen faith or expose a weak faith.

Today’s “Christian” culture works hard to exist in a vacuum. We are home schooled, play with “Christian” dolls, have a Jesus pillow to cuddle with, have “Christian” videos so our kids are not exposed the the horrors of the world.

It is so amazing that Paul accomplished all he did with soooooooooooooooo little.

I am not a fan of a Christianity that tells you what you read, or when and how to read it. If the Spirit truly teaches us and if we are truly predestined to glory, there is no reason to control the reading habits of Christianity.

Take a gander, engage them in Christian charity, and learn a few things about how the outside views Christianity.

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