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Robert Rollock on the Gracious Call

October 19, 2007

I am reading some Rollock. His sermons are very good. He makes Howe look like an kid. :-)

Next, faith, whereby we receive the promise of the Faith covenant, which is offered unto us in Christ, is of the mere grace of God. Philip, i. 29, For unto you it is given for Christ, not only to believe, but also to suffer for him. Hence it followeth that faith is the free gift of God. That former grace may be called the grace of our vocation; this grace is common to all that are called, elect and reprobate. But the latter grace in our effectual calling may be called the grace of faith, appertaining only to the elect ; for it is given only to those that are predestinated to life everlasting to believe. Under the grace of faith I likewise comprehend the grace of hope and of repentance as being subaltern graces, and comprehended under this argument of our effectual calling. Rollock, “Treastise on God’s Effectual Calling,” in Select Works, 1:269.

I thought I would post this. It’s brief but as I find more I will blog it.

Rollock was one of the earliest to develop a full-fledged Covenant of Works-Covenant of Grace paradigm. It is very surprising, in that he was way ahead of his time.


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