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Essay on Particular Redemption at Westminister

January 11, 2008

Marty sent me a link to a fellow who has written this outstanding essay on the debates on the atonement at Westminster.

Shades of opinion within a generic Calvinism: The Particular Redemption Debate at the Westminster Assembly

Download the pdf.

This essay is very good. It is bound to change the way many have portrayed so-called Amyraldian theology and the Westminster standards. The treatment of Ussher is fascinating and reinforces the reference Mitchell makes.

I have a few quibbles. For example, he closes out with this remark:

As Moore comments, this lends credence to the thesis that it was “the universal redemptionists who availed themselves most of scholastic distinctions, whereas it was the strict particular redemptionists who upheld an Augustinian simplicity in their soteriology.

Moore is just so way off-base on this. There never was an uncomplex Augustinian doctrine of redemption until it started getting “smoothed” out by some in the later 16thC.


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