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Musculus: 1 Timothy 2:4 and the Preaching of the Gospel ‘Unto All’

March 20, 2008

As concerning the first, when the grace of God is dispensed in the Apostolical ministry by the preaching of the gospel, in this point we must answer, that it is commonly dispensed unto all, according to the institution of the Lord, when he commanded that the gospel should be preached to all creatures throughout the world, and to be taught unto all people. And thus far forth also the Old & New Testament do differ, that the dispensation of the world is appointed unto one people only of Israel, according unto the saying, “He did not like unto every nation”: but the dispensation of the new is by God’s goodness appointed unto all nations, and all men of the whole world. Herewith agrees that which the Apostle says, “who would that all men should be saved, & come to the knowledge of the truth,” (1 Timoth. 2.). In this respect the Apostle did acknowledge himself to be debtor unto all men, Greeks & Barbarians, wise & unwise to declare unto them the gospel of God. And would God, all the members of Christ were of this mind, that they were desirous to dispense the grace of salvation & life by preaching unto all men generally. Wolfgangus Musculus, Common Places of Christian Religion, trans., by Iohn Merton (London: Imprinted by Henry Bynneman, 1578), 335.

[to be continued]

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