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Richard Vines (Westminster Divine) and the Foedus Hypotheticum (with reference to John 3:16)

July 8, 2008

Mr. Vines: That said of the covenant relates to the application. Is not the gospel a covenant, and is not that propounded to every creature?…

What is the gospel preached to every creature founded upon but the blood of Christ. By ‘ the world’ I do not understand the Gentiles, but if I did, it were all one…. As is whether the world here do not signify more than the elect It seems it doth, be[cause] the words do not else run well. This word denotes an intention in the gift and in the love. We could not live if there were not a general love of man to mankind. . . For that xvi. Mark. 15….

What is the gospel but a conditional proposition of a covenant?… What is this founded upon but the blood of Christ? We must either deny that there are effecting, etc.

Alex F. Mitchell and John Struthers, eds, Minutes of the Sessions of the Westminster Assembly of Divines (Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1874), 156-157. [Note, even though Vines does not use the precise Latin expression, his sentiment images Preston and Sedgewick, nonetheless.]

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