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Amandus Polanus on Reprobation

August 11, 2008


Thus far touching election: now it follows concerning reprobation.

Eternal reprobation, is predestination, by which God has shut out from his heavenly kingdom, such as were appointed to eternal destruction.

And it is both of the devil himself, and also of the members of the devil.

The reprobation of the devil is that, by which God from eternity has rejected the devil (who was to become the prince and head, of defection and falling from God) and adjudged him to eternal pains.

The reprobation of the members of the devil is of them, that cleave unto the devil as unto their prince and head.

And that is both of evil angels, and also of men that shall be damned.

The reprobation of evil angels is that, by which God from eternity has purposed not to confirm in good certain angels, destinated to eternal destruction, but to forsake them, and to suffer them to fall through pride, and having cast them out of heaven to exclude them from the fruition of eternal blessedness.

The reprobation of damned men is that, by which God from eternity purposed to pass by them & to leave them in that common destruction, in which all through sin, should headlong throw themselves, Jer. 6:30; Mal. 1:3; Rom. 9:13, 22; 2 Pet. 2.4. Jude’s epist. vers. 4; Revel. 13:8, and 17:8, and 20:15.

Amandus Polanus, The Substance of Christian Religion, (London: Arn. Hatfield for Felix Norton, dwelling in Paules Chuchyard, at the sign of the Parrot, 1600), 51-52.

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