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Davenant on Bucer (with Zanchi) on ‘Each Man is Bound to Believe he has been Elected’

October 15, 2008


For Zanchi and Bucer‘s opinion concerning the commmand of believing a man’s singular Election or Predestination, I have formerly expressed my judgement, which I submit unto the learned. If there were such a necessary universal command, only upon this reason, because the grace of vocation is infallibly frustrated by all the Non-elect, this being true as well in the Remonstrant’s opinion as ours, this mandate of believing a man’s singular Election would reach unto them as well as unto us. And all which they talk of mere delusions of men not-elected (in regard there is an eternal purpose of God to permit them to amke all the grace offered unto them fruitless) fights against them themselves as much as against us. John Davenant, Animadversions Written By the Right Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Sarisbury, upon a Treatise intitled “God’s love to Mankind,” (London: Printed for Iohn Partridge, 1641), 277. [Some spelling modernized.]

[Note: C.f., Zanchius on the Death of Christ, and Twisse on Bucer on the Subject of “Conditional Predestination”.]

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