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John Trapp (1601-1669) on Romans 2:4

November 13, 2008


Verse 4. The goodness of God] Gr. His native goodness, ready to be employed to the behoof and benefit of the creature, Tit. 3.4. Now is the beam of the Sun shining on fire, does discourage the burning of that; so the shining of God’s mercies on us should dishearten and extinguish lust in us. This is so equal, and needful a duty, that Peter picks this flower out of Paul’s garden, as one of the choicest, and urges it upon those who he writes, 2 Pet. 3.15.

John Trapp, A Commentary or Exposition Upon all the Books of the New Testament (London: Printed by R.W. and are to be sold by Nath. Ekins, at the Gun in Pauls Church-yeard, 1656), 621.

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