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A Conversation on the Extent of the Atonement: A Timely Reminder

December 18, 2008

I was reading Donald’s blog, In The Brightest Day, and I saw that he references Eric Svendson and his blog Real Clear Theology Blog. I remembered that Svendson had discussed the extent of the atonement before, so, using the term Donald had noted, I went a searching. I came across this post: Time to Stop Making the “L” a Litmus Test for Reformed.

Svendson is another scholar who has used some of my research material in the past.

His discussions are very good. His “debate” with James White is excellent, in that it was really a conversation, rather than a “debate.” Sadly, a lot of folk have sinfully substituted “debate” in the place of Christian conversation. I wish all of our ‘debates’ could be carried out in the manner in which Svendson and White converse in these discussions.

Thanks Donald for the recommendation. It was good to read some of that again.


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