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William Sclater on the Sufficiency and Efficiency of Christ’s Death

February 12, 2009


Let us therefore as many as desire to know our reconciliation with God through Christ, prove ourselves whither we be in the faith or not [1 Cor. 13:5]: the old distinction of the School-men borrowed of Augustine, in question touching the extent of Christ’s merit, may in fit place be discussed: this once is agreed on all sides, except the Chilasts, that howsoever there be a sufficiency of worth in Christ’s merit to reconcile all; yet the efficacy thereof reaches only to such as believe. It concerns us therefore for our comfort, diligently to try and examine our confidence.

Wiliam Sclater, A Key to the Key of Scripture, or An Exposition with Notes upon the Epistle to the Romanes. 2nd ed. (London: Printed by T.C. for Nicolas Fussell and Humphrey Mosley, and are to be sold at the Ball in Paus Church yard, near the Great North Doore, 1629), 3221. [Some spelling modernized, verses cited inline; underlining mine.]

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