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Heidelblog and Limited Atonement

April 18, 2009

For those interested, there is an interesting post over there at Scott Clark’s Heidelblog. The basic and initial thrust from his opening post and his comments to Dominic Trent seem to come to this:  Substitutionary Atonement equals (or entails) Limited Atonement. And conversely: the denial limited atonement equals (or entails) Socinianism or Governmentalism. These are strong claims for sure.

Clearly this is not so, given the position of Luther, Zwingli, Bullinger, Gualther, Musculus, Calvin, and many many other First and Second Reformation theologians.  I sincerely hope that Clark will take some time to read the files hosted over at Calvin and Calvinism.  If it helps any, he should know that Richard Muller has already publicly confirmed many of the names sited there as holding to a non-Amyraldian form of hypothetical universalism.


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