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Erasmus Sarcerius (1501-1559) on God’s General Love

April 22, 2009


The effects of
God. Rom. 1.

The effects and works of God be these: to create and maintain that he has created.

For the power and divinity of God (says Paul) is everlasting. Now, the power and devinity of God to be everlasting, is nought else, but that God creates, governs and maintains his creatures everlastingly [Ac. 17, Psalm. 146] In him (as it is said in the Acts) we live and move, and we have our being. He gives (says the prophet) escam omni carni, meat to every creature. Also his effects be: To love his creatures because he maintains them. To be merciful, patient, pitiful. To bear his humbles suiters[?], for (Prope est deus inuo cantibus eun) God is at hand to them that call upon him. To forgive sins, for only God by himself is righteous.

Erasmus Sarcerius, Common Places of Scripture (Imprinted at London by Nycolas Hill for Abraham Vele, dwelling in Pauls church yarde at the signe of the Lambe, 1553),  folio 2. [Some spelling modernized, marginal references cited inline; verse and folio notation modernized; and, underlining mine.]

[Note: Erasmus Sarcerius is not to be confused with Desiderius Erasmus.]

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