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John Humfrey (1621–1719) on John 3:16

October 2, 2009


The Scriptures say, Christ died for all, and for every man. God so loved the World, (says Christ) that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. By the World, this Gentlemen must understand the Elect: but when by the words [that whosoever believeth in him] Christ plainly intimates, that there are some of those God loves, do believe, and some not; the World must be more than the Elect. Of the world of those God loves so as to give his Son, to die for them; some believe in him, and have everlasting life, and some believe not and perish. But of the Elect all believe, and none perish.

John Humfrey, Peace at Pinners-Hall Wish’d and Attempted in A Pacifick Paper Touching The Universality of Redemption, the Conditionality of the Covenant of Grace, and our Freedom from the Law of Works (London: Printed and be Sold by Randal Taylor near Amen-Corner, 1692), 2-3. [Some spelling modernized; italics original; and underlining mine.]

Credit to Tony.

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