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God and Green Spotted Unicorns

August 25, 2011

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God and Green Spotted Unicorns.

Can God offer me a green polka dotted unicorn for my birthday?

If inability to confer what one offers is not a problem for intrinsic sincerity with regard to the offerer and the offer of the thing, God can offer to give me a green spotted unicorn for my birthday, and this offer is sincere as long as I don’t reach out and embrace the offer and so thereby discover that green spotted unicorns don’t exist.

And, as it stands right now, I honestly don’t know that green polka dotted unicorns do not exist.

Let us see how this would pan out in terms of sincerity?

David lives in this world (w1) where green polka dotted unicorns do not exist.

David says to his friend Paddy,

Paddy, if God were to say to me, “David, I want to offer you a green polka dotted unicorn for your next birthday, all you have to do, David, is to believe and embrace my offer, you will get a green-spotted unicorn for your birthday,” God would be thoroughly sincere in this offer.

Paddy, the Irish Leprechaun, says to David,

But that would be impossible David, because everyone knows that green spotted unicorns don’t exist in this world.  God could not sincerely offer to give you something that does not exist.

However, it turns out that David is a Unicornitarian. On the terms of Unicornitarian theology, this offer is to be received as sincere because it is known and believed that were God to regenerate David and ingenerate a true belief in David that green spotted unicorns exist, and cause David to reach out and embrace God’s offer of a green polka dotted unicorn, then it would turn out that green spotted unicorns do, indeed, exist! [even though it would turn out that now we are in (w2)].

It is clear then that any claims of Unicornitarianism regarding divine sincerity could never be falsified. They could never even be evaluated by any public standards of this world. Nor could David’s own personal opinions about what it are the limits of possibility regarding what God can and cannot offer.

For myself, I am leaning to this: the claims of the Unicornitarian should just be ignored as meaningless and unhelpful, and probably much more.

Friendly attempts to falsify the Unicornitarian terms of sincerity at the back of this offer are welcome.


The next day, Paddy wanders into David’s backyard and Paddy and David resume yesterday’s conversation. Paddy is again keen to press the point that God cannot offer David something that does not exist in reality.

After some time of deep conversation, David finally says to Paddy,

Shush on you Paddy, don’t you know that God could easily create a polka dotted unicorn in order to validate the sincerity of his offer to me?

Paddy thinks silently for a moment and then says in reply,

So what you are saying David is that God must chang reality as we know it, in order to validate the sincerity of something he didn’t originally posses, but offered anyway? I don’t have a lot of respect for that idea, David. Would it not be more reasonable to adjust what you think God can offer to conform to the reality which already exists?

David replies,

{sigh} The Irish are not known for their philosophical acument [sic], are they Paddy.


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