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Discussion with some PRCers.

September 13, 2007


Well the leading RPCer whom I critqued, in the space of only about 3 hours said I was ill-mannered, rude, a bully and told me–in upper case mind you–to shut up. And today he has called me blind, and left open the question that I may even be reprobate. He did apologise for telling me to shut up, but the fact that he got to that stage, of shouting at me to shut up, so quickly is surely an embarrassment.

In the space of 3 hours, this fellow unraveled psychologically.

Every time I interact with PRCers, the standard mode of response is exactly the same. They make grand sweeping historical claims. I show that these claims are false, and that the contrary is the case. Then they resort to insults.

There is something about the PRC mentality. Somehow, they think its okay for them to call common grace Calvinists, Janus worshipers, Pelagian, heretics, etc etc. But if a non-RPCer tries to challenge them, somehow they are being rude, and have no right to try and stake a claim to Reformed historical theology. I gotta believe that somewhere out there some PRCer is actually interested in an honest and Christian discussion of the source documentation, to the end of treating it honestly.


Go here.

I am Flynn (of course). The organization of the folders is a little odd. Page 1 is the most recent. Older pages get pushed down.

The first conversation was the one on the evil fruit of a conditional covenant.

Bert asked for that to be closed; just as I was about to post my reply. I started a new thread on General Love.


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